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  • Solar Toolbox

    Use the preconfigured toolset or access the vast library of software tools

    Whether it’s using vision for alignment rather than mechanical mechanisms to minimize wafer damage, tracking your product from wafer to installation, or receiving live feedback to fix product and process problems, Cognex offers the most advanced vision tools available today. PatMax®, PatInspect®, IDMax®, and powerful color tools are incorporated in our broad range of products which have the power to handle the wide variety of applications found in solar panel production.

    The Solar Toolbox™ allows users to start with the basic software library or use our pre-configured alignment and inspection tools. Available with Cognex’s powerful VisionPro® software, this suite provides users with a toolset for the most common vision inspections:



     Alignment  Back Print Inspection  Back Print Registration
     Front Bus Bar Registration  Color Uniformity Inspection  Crack Detection
     Edge Chip Inspection  Front Finger Trace Inspection  Pin Hole Detection