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  • Solar Module Inspection and Panel Traceability


    As technologies evolve, so do production and quality goals and regulations. Cognex vision systems empower manufacturers by providing the flexibility to adapt and quickly to a wide range of applications and continuous process improvements to minimize variability and reduce failures in the field. 

    Solar Panel Traceability

    Track individual modules through production and into the field by reading 2-D (Data Matrix) codes marked directly on panels as determined by the Photovoltaic-Automation Technical Committee of the SEMI industry organization. 

    Cell Spacing

    Ensure uniform cell spacing in the finished module.

    Tabbing/Stringing Alignment and Inspection

    Center PV cells, minimizing the need for mechanical contact, and examine for defects while verifying the continuity and correct assembly of each string.

    Connector Inspection

    Ensure solder is present and at the correct location for attaching electrical plugs to the solar module.

    Frame Inspection

    Ensure screws are present and in the right position on the aluminum frame.

    Panel Assembly Verification

    Perform a final quality inspection to ensure accurate cell spacing, construction and part placement.