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  • Upgrades and Enhancements

    In addition to the software developed for your application SmartView also has optional packages to provide added value for your application.

    These include various learning classifiers, video capture and storage, advanced report-generating programs, and software to evaluate the overall quality of the material being produced.


    SmartLearn Image

    SmartLearn Multi-Step Classification
    SmartLearn classification combines automatic, learning classification with expert knowledge in one easy-to-use, easy-to-manage software tool set. This patented multi-step classification technology enables faster startups and accurate real-time product quality assessment.
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    Production Quality Advisor Image

    Production Quality Advisor
    Production Quality Advisor (PQA) is a powerful suite of data analysis and display tools for viewing both current and historical production quality data from SmartView and other inspection system data archives. Process changes can be evaluated by trending critical defects over selectable time periods with overlays of various production parameters.
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    Web Quality Monitoring Image

    Web Quality Monitoring
    SmartView Web Quality Monitoring (WQM) is a powerful tool for automatically measuring the web quality and formation characteristics of any material. This revolutionary technology uses previously recorded sample images of different web quality levels to determine the quality of the material as it is being produced. Actual quality values in the same terms as the mill uses for quality assessment are reported during on-line inspection in real-time.
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    Surface Quality Monitoring Image

    Surface Quality Monitoring
    SmartView Surface Quality Monitoring (SQM) provides an accurate on-line evaluation of almost any surface property or process variable from the uniformity of patterns, cloudiness or texture of the surface, to the reflectivity of it. This enables the operator to make process changes than impact quality before large amounts of off-spec material are made.
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    SmartView Streaming Video Image

    SmartView Streaming Video
    SmartView Streaming Video provides unsurpassed visibility to the quality and appearance of a strip surface in real time and long time after the coil was produced. It provides full-width, full-resolution image of the coil surface and records the entire coil for future viewing.
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