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Semiconductor Wafers and Devices

Cognex solutions support the wafer and semiconductor device manufacturing process


Cognex machine vision solutions are essential to every step of the semiconductor device manufacturing process, from wafer fabrication to integrated circuit (IC) packaging and mounting. Cognex tools handle a range of integrated circuit (IC) package types, including leaded parts, system-on-chip (SoC), and microelectromechanical system (MEMS) devices and provide traceability throughout assembly. Vision tools locate features of wafers, dies, and packages under extremely challenging conditions and can detect low contrast and noisy images, variable fiducial patterns, and other part variations.

Cognex supports a wide range of applications in the wafer and semiconductor device manufacturing process, including:

  • Wafer, die and probe tip alignment
  • Metrology
  • Coating quality inspection
  • Identification and traceability

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Wafer Processing, Inspection, and Identification
Machine vision performs alignment, inspection, and identification to help manufacture high quality wafers used in integrated circuits (ICs) and other semiconductor devices. Machine vision automates wafer handling, enables precision alignment, inspects bond pads and probe tips, and can measure critical dimensions of crystalline structures.

Die Quality: Dicing Guidance, Inspection, Sorting,
and Bonding

After wafer processing is complete, dies are separated from their wafers and are sorted into categories based on various qualities. Vision systems guide the dicing saw, and vision tools locate cracks and chips that affect die quality. Inspections verify resistor markings and assess LED color quality and brightness. Dies that
have been successfully sorted are then bonded to their packages.

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Semiconductor Fabrication: Mounting and Packaging
Wafer mounting is part of the semiconductor fabrication process, during which wafers are prepared for packaging. Cognex tools handle a wide range of package types, from leaded parts to the newest SoC and MEMS devices. The Cognex Wire Bonder package provides tools for lead and pad location, as well as post-bond inspection.

Wafer-to-Package Traceability
Industrial image-based barcode readers handle even degraded, reflective, or low-contrast marks from die backsides, substrates, encapsulated packages, and PCBs for complete traceability. In-Sight® 1740 series wafer readers reliably track parts from processing through assembly by reading codes on PCBs and IC packages, maximizing tool utilization and production yield.

Ingot Formation
Cognex machine vision products monitor ingot formation, providing precise dimensional measurements during the crystal pulling process. The In-Sight 8000’s small form factor and robust edge detection tool ensure the crystal seeding, shouldering, shoulder circuiting, and diameter equalizing stages are performed to exacting standards for proper ingot formation.

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Barcode Readers
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Introduction to Machine Vision

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