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VisionPro Machine Vision Software

A PC-development platform with the full library of powerful Cognex vision tools

VisionPro Vision Software Acquisition Technology

Fast, reliable image capture
Designed with pipelined processing for low latency and high throughput, Cognex acquisition supports all types of image capture: analog, digital, color, monochrome, area scan, line scan, high resolution, multi-channel and multiplexed. In addition to our own family of prequalified Cognex Industrial Cameras (CIC), both VisionPro and CVL provide open camera support, as well as configuration and diagnostic tools. This enables customers to configure, analyze, and modify cameras for numerous acquisition platforms.

 VPro Acq Tech 1 GigE Vision
GigE Vision digital cameras connect directly to a standard GigE network card on PCs. The high-speed GigE Vision interface uses Gigabit Ethernet protocol to transmit monochrome or color images with resolutions from 640x480 up to multi-megapixel. Cognex supports the GenICam standard, ensuring compatibility with a wide selection of cameras.

The Cognex 8704e GigE Frame Grabber is a new 4-port GigE card available for use with Cognex and third-party cameras. It is the recommended GigE interface card for all new vision software applications going forward for organizations building their own industrial PCs for machine vision. In addition, the Cognex Vision VC5 Vision Controller contains four GigE camera connections and is available for users looking for a pre-qualified, ready-to-go, Cognex trusted brand vision system. Both of these products provide the integrated license security you need to run Cognex Designer and newer versions of VisionPro software (VisionPro 8.3 and higher.)>

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 VPro Acq Tech 2 

Camera Link
Cognex MVS-8600™ series frame grabbers provide the highest bandwidth digital acquisition using the latest Camera Link technology. These frame grabbers are ideally suited for high-speed and high-resolution machine vision applications requiring rapid processing of large amounts of monochrome or color image data. They also feature on board I/O, and support for both PCI and PCIe buses. The MVS-8602e also supports Power over Camera Link.

Read the MVS-8600 datasheet >                Supported Cameras >
 VPro Acq Tech 3 

High Speed Analog
The Cognex® MVS-8500™ series of machine vision frame grabbers supports the latest high-speed analog camera technology. PCI-Express bus architecture and quad-speed analog cameras are supported.

Read the MVS-8500 datasheet>               Supported Cameras >

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