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In-Sight Micro Vision Systems

World’s smallest 5MP self-contained vision system

In-Sight 8000 Series Vision Systems Specifications

SizeIS8000: 31mm x 31mm x 63mm
HousingIS8000: IP40 (IS8405: IP30)
ConnectorsIS8000: Industrial M12 for PoE and M8 for IO
IS8405: RJ45 for PoE, M8 for IO
OpticsIS8000: C-Mount
Power over Ethernet (PoE)Yes



Model specifications

ModelSpeedImage Capture Rate (FPS)Resolution (in pixels)User InterfaceVision Tools
In-Sight 840515x102592 x 1944EXEBEXIR
In-Sight 840215x531600 x 1200EXEBEXIR
In-Sight 840115x701280 x 1024EXEBEXIR
In-Sight 840015x200640 x 480EXEBEXIR
In-Sight 82008x200640 x 480EXEBEXIR
In-Sight 840515x102592 x 1944EXEBI
In-Sight 840215x531600 x 1200EXEBI
In-Sight 840115x701280 x 1024EXEBI
In-Sight 840015x200640 x 480EXEBI
In-Sight 82008x200640 x 480EXEBI
  1. Speed rating compared to In-Sight Micro 1020 model and does not include image capture rate. The 5604 and 5614 models have acquisition speed rated in lines per second.
  2. Image Capture Rate is based on minimum exposure, and a full image frame capture.
  3. User Interface:
    EX In-Sight Explorer spreadsheet programming environment
    EB EasyBuilder interface
  4. Supported Tools:
    C Color model available (color tool sets vary).
    E Essential Tool Set includes: blob, edge, curve and line finding, histogram and geometry tools, image filters, pattern matching, and standard calibration.
    X Extended Tool Set includes: non-linear calibration and caliper tool. PatMax® option available.
    P PatMax available.
    R PatMax RedLine available.
    I ID Tool Set includes: 1-D/2-D barcode reading and verification, text reading and verification (OCR/OCV) and image filters.


In-Sight Micro 1000 Series Vision Systems Specifications

SizeISM1000: 30mm x 30mm x 60mm
HousingISM1000: IP51
ConnectorsISM1000: Industrial M12 for PoE and M8 for IO
OpticsISM1000: CS-mount (shipped with 5mm spacer for C-Mount compatibility)
Power over Ethernet (PoE)Yes

Model specifications

ModelSpeedImage Capture Rate (FPS)Resolution (in pixels)User InterfaceVision Tools
In-Sight 150012x200800 x 600*EXEBEXIP
In-Sight 1403C8x7.51600 x 1200EXEBCEXIP
In-Sight 14038x141600 x 1200EXEBEXIP
In-Sight 14028x601280 x 1024EXEBEXIP
In-Sight 1400C10x58640 x 480EXEBCEXIP
In-Sight 140010x60640 x 480EXEBEXIP
In-Sight 1100C4x58640 x 480EXEBCEXIP
In-Sight 11004x60640 x 480EXEBEXIP
In-Sight 10501x60640 x 480EXEBE
In-Sight 10201x60640 x 480EBE
In-Sight 14138x141600 x 1200EXEBI
In-Sight 14128x601280 x 1024EXEBI
In-Sight 141010x60640 x 480EXEBI
In-Sight 11104x60640 x 480EXEBI

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