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In-Sight Micro Vision Systems

World’s smallest 5MP self-contained vision system

In-Sight Micro Vision Systems Models

In-Sight Micro featured Model

Featured models
In-Sight 8000 series vision systems are a full line of compact vision systems that offer high speed acquisition, a range of resolutions up to 5MP, high speed communication with Gigabyte Ethernet, and the revolutionary and blazing fast pattern match tool: PatMax RedLine™. In-Sight 8000 series models are conveniently setup with In-Sight Explorer software. In-Sight Explorer combines the guided step by step setup of EasyBuilder with the additional power and flexibility of the spreadsheet for greater control and customization.

In-Sight Micro models at a glance

High resolution applications
When large parts need to be inspected for small defects or precise measurements, turn to the high resolution models for greater accuracy.
Models: 8405 (5MP) , 8402 (2MP), 8401 (1MP), 1402, 1403, 1403C

Standard resolution applications
Offering a range of performance choices, the In-Sight Micro models handle even the highest speed manufacturing lines in the smallest vision system footprint available.
Models: 8200 (VGA), 8400 (VGA), 1020, 1050, 1100, 1400

Color applications
If color is a factor, choose a model with the powerful ExtractColor tool to inspect color features of a part and the robust MatchColor tool to recognize parts based on their color.
Models: 1100C, 1400C, 1403C

Barcode reading and OCR applications
These ID models offer unmatched identification software tools for reading and verifying 1-D and 2-D codes (IDMax) as well as human readable text (OCRMax).
Models: 8405, 8402, 8401, 8400, 8200, 1110, 1410, 1412, 1413

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