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In-Sight Explorer Software

Power, flexibility and ease-of-use allows you to program solutions for your own optical inspection applications

Powerful Vision Tools


Part location: PatMax
Locate parts in varying locations reliably and accurately

  • Utilizes patented geometric pattern matching technology to locate parts under difficult conditions
  • Simplifies mechanical fixturing and lighting, making vision projects easier and less expensive to implement

OCR/OCV (Optical Character Recognition): OCRMax
Verify and read alphanumeric text strings

  • Achieve highest read rates on challenging print
  • Handles throughput of the fastest production lines
  • Easy to maintain and update with unique Auto-Tune feature

Industrial code reading: 1DMax, 2DMax+
Read 1-D and 2-D codes on labels or directly marked on parts

  • Achieve industry –leading read rates.
  • Easily decode barcodes omnidirectionally
  • Handle extreme variations in mark quality
extract color

Color inspection: ExtractColor and MatchColor
Sort, Identify, Match and Verify colors of your product

  • Identify the correct color(s), in the correct location(s) on your part with Color ID
  • Match and Sort product based on trained colors
  • Verify the consistency and uniformity of color from product to product
  • Isolate specific colors to create a high contrast color image for ease of inspection
inspect edge

Defect detection: InspectEdge, Bead Finder, and Bead Tracker
Find gaps, width variation and defects along edges

  • Classify defects by total area, length, or depth
  • Easily configured for straight, circular, or non-uniform edges
  • Robustly measure min/max deviations and widths
flaw detection

Flaw detection: Flexible Flaw Detection (FFD) and Surface Flaw Detection (SFD)
Find edge and area-based defects on products

  • Detect surface flaws and print defects
  • Compensate for normal process variation and light intensity variation
  • Detect discoloration and defects on color images
edge detection

Measurement: Geometry tools, Edge detection, and Caliper
Large Variety of Geometric tools to choose from for your high precision measurements

  • Choose from a variety of Geometric measurement tools for ease of setup
  • Allows for high-accuracy gauging despite changes in part orientation and ambient lighting

Image Optimization: Calibration, Image Filter Tools, Scene Correction
Remove unwanted effects from the environment for repeatable inspection

  • Advanced Calibration to remove effects of perspective distortion(lens tilt) and lens distortion (rounding of outside corners of image)
  • Correct uneven lighting or shading from your image for a clean clear image to work with
  • Filter out unwanted or confusing backgrounds to highlight the part to be inspected
  • Filter out all colors except for the one(s) you want for easy detection and inspection

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