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Cognex 3D Displacement Sensors

Calibrated 3D laser profilers for product inspection

Calibrated 3D Vision from Cognex

Cognex 3D displacement sensors optimize product quality by providing three-dimensional inspection of your products. The sensors are factory calibrated and include industry-leading Cognex machine vision software with powerful 2D and 3D toolsets and a compact, IP65-rated design that withstands even the harshest factory environments.


Complete 2D and 3D machine vision solution

  • Expanded range of sensor options
  • Bundled with VC5 Controller
  • Easy deployment with Cognex Designer software

Results in real-world units (mm)

  • Calibrated 3D system
  • Micron-level accuracy

Contrast independent inspection

  • Dark object on dark background
  • Independent of color

Ability to combine 3D and 2D cameras

  • Many applications require both

World-class 3D and 2D vision tools

  • Height, volume, plane fitting and cross section tools
  • PatMax®, IDMax® and OCRMax algorithms

World-class 3D and 2D vision tools

  • Height, volume, plane fitting and tilt tools
  • PatMax®, IDMax® and OCRMax algorithms

Industrial IP65 housing

  • IP69K enclosure option for food and beverage applications

Fast scan rates

  • Up to 10KHz

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