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Cognex Designer Vision Software

Decrease the time it takes to develop, deploy, and maintain 3D and 2D multi-camera applications

VisionPro Vision Software Vision Tools

Beginning with the introduction of Cognex Designer software, Cognex Designer automatically includes the latest VisionPro software and capabilities. This enables users to take advantage of the graphical capabilities of Cognex Designer with the well-known and respected vision tools of VisionPro software, including PatMax®, IDMax®, and OCRMax®, and PatMax® AutoTune (introduced with Cognex Designer 2.0.)  

Advanced computer vision technology
VisionPro® and Cognex Vision Library (CVL®) Power Tools have the intelligence to ignore non-critical variations in appearance while focusing on the critical features that determine a product's acceptability. Power Tools do not require extensive image preprocessing to achieve the final solution, adding faster application development for the vision engineer and lower lifecycle costs for the company.

Geometric pattern matching and inspection
The patented PatMax® algorithm is the industry's gold standard for part and feature location, providing accuracy and repeatability under the most challenging conditions.


 VPro Tools 2   Watch Matching & Inspection video
Watch PatMax XLC video
Watch PatMax SA video
Watch PatFlex video
Watch Bearing Inspection video

Identification, OCR and OCV
1DMax® and 2DMax+ read even the most degraded Data Matrix codes, delivering consistently high read rates needed for part traceability. OCRMax™ provides high-speed optical character recognition and verification, even when the print is extremely distorted.

 VPro Tools 4   

Watch Identification & Verification video
Watch IDMax video
Watch Barcode video
Watch OCRMax video

Color sorting, matching and monitoring

VPro Tools 6 

Watch Color Match video
Watch Composite Color Match video

Find, measure/gauge, and analyze

 VPro Tools 8 

Watch Caliper video
Watch Blob video
Watch Circle Finder video
Watch Line Finder video

Image processing tools
Optimize and manipulate images prior to inspecting the object. Distinct calibration tools for area and line scan cameras accurately correct lens distortion and camera displacement such as rotation and tilt.

 VPro Tools 10 

Watch Analysis and Processing video
Watch Checkerboard Calibration video

3D Tools
Accurate, real-time, three-dimensional position information is used to automate challenging assembly verification, logistics, and robot applications in automotive and precision manufacturing industries.

VPro Tools 12

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