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Checker 4G Series Vision Sensors

Value-line vision sensors provide a superior solution to photoelectric sensors

Intuitive application and communication setup

The key to the simplicity of the Checker is its One-Click Setup™. By simply clicking on the feature in the image that you want to inspect, Checker automatically creates a sensor, learns the features attributes and sets the appropriate pass/fail criteria.

 Simple Setup
Even a first-time user can have it up and running in minutes.

  • Four simple steps: start, setup sensors, configure results, finish
  • Image display simplifies setup by showing you what the sensor sees
  • Dynamic help is always available
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Integrate into your factory network
Ethernet communication enables you to:

  • Setup and monitor jobs remotely
  • Communicate to your PLC with support for industrial protocols
  • Save inspection images to an FTP server
Checker install tab

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