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Checker 4G Series Vision Sensors

Value-line vision sensors provide a superior solution to photoelectric sensors

Checker 4G series models at a glance

Your application will determine which model(s) to use. Get a free Application Evaluation so that we may help you assess your needs for vision sensors.

FeaturesChecker 4G1Checker 4G7Checker 4G7XChecker 4G7C
Part Finding Sensor XXXX
Inspection Sensors: Presence, Measurement and Position   X 
Inspection Sensors: Presence, Measurement or Position XX  
Inspection Sensors: Presence only    X
Color Sensor tool   X
Internal Triggering XXXX
Pattern Retrain XXXX
Job Change 32323232
PC Software Setup XXXX
SensorView Setup & Display XXXX
Encoder-Based Part Tracking XXXX
Logic for Custom Outputs XXXX
Number of Inspection Sensors No limitNo limitNo limitNo limit
Maximum Inspection Rate 400Hz60Hz60Hz50Hz
Resolution 128 x 101752 x 480752 x 480752 x 480
PLC Communication - EtherNet/IP with Rockwell Add-On ProfileXXXX
PLC communication - PROFINET XXXX
Store images to FTP XXXX
Integrated red, blue, green, and infrared LEDsXXX 
Integrated bright white LEDs PolarizationXXXX

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Win six In-Sight 2000 vision sensors

Solve simple error-proofing applications and set new standards for value, ease-of-use and flexibility.

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