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Checker 4G Series Vision Sensors

Value-line vision sensors provide a superior solution to photoelectric sensors

Checker Vision Sensors Accessories

checker featured product

SensorView 2 smart display
A PC is not required to give production managers the power to configure, test, edit and monitor vision sensor activity on the factory floor or in the control room.

  • Large 8.9” (225mm) touch screen display
  • Built-in Ethernet-based communication
  • Same user interface as Checker PC software
checker - polerizationColored lighting and polarization options
Optional integrated lighting accessories include red, blue, green, infrared and bright white LED lights. A polarization window is available for specular reflection or “glare” reduction.
checker - filtersColored filters
Bandpass filters are offered for both visible and IR wavelengths (470, 525, 590, 635 and 850nm).
checker - mounting bracketAdjustable mounting bracket
With metric, imperial, and through-hole mounting, it provides an easy way to adjust the mounting angle of Checker for optimal lighting.
The Checker lens kit includes 3.6, 8, 16 and 25mm lenses. (Note: 5.8mm lens ships standard.)
Straight or right-angled power, I/O and Ethernet cables are available in a variety of lengths.

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