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Advantage 100 Series OEM Smart Cameras

More than an embedded reader, it’s the most cost-effective way to integrate Cognex vision and ID technology into your machine for volume applications.

Advantage 100 Series Software

Vision technology PLUS the most advanced 1-D and 2-D code reading technology available

The Advantage 100 includes easy-to-use Cognex application software to quickly test and develop the vision and ID tools needed for specific requirements. Cognex software and vision tools provide unmatched flexibility, ease of use and control.

Complete suite of industry proven vision tools for the most complex applications: pattern matching (PatMax®), blob, caliper, edge detection (InspectEdge™), image filtering, OCR, OCV, and more.

Superior proven performance on difficult-to-read 1-D and 2-D codes by incorporating Cognex patented best-in-class barcode reading technology. Both 1DMax+™ and 2DMax+™ algorithms provide the most reliable reading of codes with low contrast, quiet zone violations, specular reflections, voids, scratches, etc.

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