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Airport Baggage Handling Identification Solution (ABH-ID)

Maximize read rates, reduce manual encode requirements, and enhance efficiency


Bag tag 10-digit bar code read rates and baggage system processing times are critical to the operational success of both the airline and the airport. Cognex’s image-based Airport Baggage Handling Identification Solution (ABH-ID) ensures profitability of each baggage handling system (BHS) operation with its efficient and reliable barcode readers.

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Reads tags regardless of position and orientation

No matter where the tag is positioned on the bag and how the bag is oriented on the belt, Cognex’s industry-leading DataMan® image-based barcode readers can locate, read, and decode any barcode. By incorporating the patent-pending Xpand™ technology into your installation, you can even increase the field-of-view by more than 50%, which means fewer readers, simplified project installation, and reduced setup time and overall cost. Cognex provides a significantly higher read rate than conventional laser scanners.

Minimizes costs associated with manual re-encode operations

Failure to read a bag tag sends that bag through a manual encode process, which requires extra manpower and additional processing time, more conveying equipment, and additional tracking of each bag. The DataMan 300/360 barcode readers with 1DMax® with Hotbars II™ technology achieve up to 99.8% read rates even for damaged or poorly printed codes. This proven performance level keeps operations running smoothly and significantly reduces unnecessary costs.

Operates in challenging environments

Baggage sizes, shapes, and weights can vary greatly, and baggage handling systems are generally installed in tightly confined terminal spaces with limited maintenance access. Conveyor systems can operate at peak performance with the use of machine vision barcode tag readers. Cognex’s solution not only provides modular optics and lighting to ensure maximum read rates, our image-based barcode readers can also be installed in tight spaces to read even the most compromised of tag qualities.

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