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DataMan 8600 Series: DPM, 2-D and 1-D Handheld Barcode Readers

Supercharged Direct Part Mark reading performance for the most challenging barcodes

DataMan 8600 Series Proprietary Software & Barcode Reading Technology

DataMan software includes several features for the DataMan handheld barcode readers that far surpass other readers on the market.

  • Industry-leading reading technology performance: The two most powerful, patented Cognex algorithms combine to decode virtually every type of code, every time, with unsurpassed results. The high-performance barcode reading technologies set the industry standard for decoding Direct Part Mark (DPM), 2-D and 1-D symbologies.
  • DataMan software: DataMan barcode readers are paired with the most advanced code-reading technologies within an easy to use software interface. The intuitive Setup Tool delivers simple setup and deployment.
  • Advanced image formation: Integrated liquid lens technology maximizes application and depth of field flexibility. Patented UltraLight® technology delivers superior image formation on the most mark types and surfaces. Cognex UltraLight illumination combines three different types of lighting techniques into one electronically controlled light for reading DPM codes: dark field, bright field and diffuse lighting.
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DataMan Software User Interface
See what the reader sees: DataMan barcode readers allow you to see what the barcode reader sees. You can review images of the barcodes being read live or setup the reader to transfer no read images via FTP for later review. This visualization feature enables you to diagnose no reads and rejects for process improvement.
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Common Setup Tool with intelligent tuning
Powerful software simplifies initial reader setup. DataMan software is a common platform across all models*. The Setup Tool simplifies deployment by putting the most common controls in a single page, allowing the user to see how different options affect the reader in real time.
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Cognex Connect communications suite:
As a network device, DataMan ID readers can be accessed from any terminal connected to the network. DataMan readers are supported by the Cognex Connect™ suite of industrial Ethernet protocols, such as EtherNet/IP (with Add-On-Profile), PROFINET, Modbus/TCP and MC Protocol for easy communication into the factory network.

Cognex Explorer control center:
This unique utility provides a unified network view of all Cognex vision, ID and visualization systems, powerful yet simple maintenance tools, the ability to backup/restore or clone systems, upgrade firmware and much more. Designed for control and maintenance engineers, Cognex Explorer™ is very intuitive and requires no training to use.
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1DMax+ with Hotbars technology
1DMax+ barcode reading algorithm with Hotbars image-analysis technology provides higher read rates of 1-D linear barcodes, even those with damage, at a faster pace than ever before.
1D codes
2DMax and PowerGrid technology
2DMax and patent-pending PowerGrid technology decodes severely damaged or poorly marked 2-D matrix codes. It provides higher read rates of 2-D matrix codes by overcoming variations in lighting, marking method, code quality or surface finish.
Damaged 2D code
Most Advanced Handheld Imaging System
For superior image formation on the widest variety of mark types and surfaces, the DataMan 8600 series features an improved patented UltraLight®, high-speed image sensor along with a new liquid lens offering a larger depth-of-field. UltraLight illumination provides dark field, bright field and diffuse lighting all in one electronically controlled light. These technical advances enable the DataMan 8600 series readers to image barcodes faster and easier and at distances both near and far.
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Modular Communications for Maximum Flexibility
The DataMan 8600 series of DPM barcode readers feature Ethernet communications with industrial protocols enabling easy integration with industrial automation equipment. Additional industry standard communication options include USB, RS-232 and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication to an intelligent base station. Field interchangeable communication modules mean one reader can be configured to meet specific and ever changing communication needs. Models are available with both corded and wireless modules.
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Cordless Barcode Readers with Intelligent Base Station
The wireless module is paired with the Intelligent Base Station equipped with separate communication ports for USB, RS-232 and Ethernet options making it the most versatile choice in the DataMan 8600 series. The wireless reader provides a long working range—up to 100m*—with a large memory capacity for reading codes when offline or out of range. The base station comes standard with a spare battery charger built in and is compatible with industry standard Ethernet, USB and RS-232 cables.
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