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DataMan 8600 Series: DPM, 2-D and 1-D Handheld Barcode Readers

Supercharged Direct Part Mark reading performance for the most challenging barcodes

DataMan 8600 Series Barcode Reader Applications

The DataMan 8600 series handheld industrial DPM barcode readers are built for applications in any manufacturing environment that require powerful DPM and 2-D and 1-D label-based barcode technology and unparalleled reading capability. Common barcode reading applications include:

  • Engine assembly
  • Transmission assembly
  • Automotive kitting
  • Aerospace
  • Incoming inspection
  • Oil and gas
  • Electronic manufacturing

DataMan 8000 - App 1

DataMan 300 - App 1

1-D: Read 1-D barcodes on products that are stopped, slow moving, or presented by hand to the barcode reader.

DataMan 300 - App 2

1-D: Read fast moving 1-D barcodes, including those on ultra fast beverage or food production lines.

DataMan 300 - App 3

2-D: Read challenging direct part marked (DPM) codes on virtually any surface (glass, metal, ceramic, plastic).

DataMan 300 - App 4

2-D: Read stopped, hand presented, or moving 2-D codes printed on labels.

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The DataMan 8600 decodes the most challenging 2-D DPM codes. Get supercharged barcode reading performance today!