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Cognex ViDi Suite

Deep learning-based industrial image analysis software for inspection and classification

Cognex ViDi Suite Specifications

Graphical & Application Programming Interfaces
Windows based graphical user interface (GUI) with plugin support
C library (Windows DLL) for runtime and/or training
Microsoft .NET library (Wrapper for C library and WPF GUI components)

Hardware & OS Requirements
CPU: Intel Core i5 (minimum), Intel Core i7/Xeon (recommended)
Optional GPU: NVidia Graphic Card (CUDA compatible, compute capability ≥ 3.0) for training purposes, a minimum of 3GB graphic memory is recommended
RAM Memory: 4GB (minimum), 8GB (recommended)
1 free USB port (for the license dongle)
OS: Windows 7

Runtime License Support & Maintenance
Licenses are permanent and do not require maintenance or renewable fees Cognex ViDi Suite comes with a free 12 months update & remote application engineering support

Supported image file formats: PNG, BMP, TIFF, JPEG
Supported image properties: 1 - 4 channels, 8 or 16 bits
Cognex ViDi Suite GUI & documentation language: EN
Note: Cognex ViDi Suite performance - in term of processing time - will depend upon hardware selection


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