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    Combining fast, image-based barcode reading with your mobile device

    Cognex vision-enabled mobile terminals allow you to leverage the latest mobile device technology for your industrial barcode reading applications. Cognex mobile terminals are ideal for reading 1-D, 2-D and DPM codes on parts, packaging and equipment. The flexible design accepts a variety of both current and future generation smartphones and augments their capability in a fully ruggedized housing tough enough to stand up to the most challenging environments. Put your mobile devices to work across your entire enterprise!

    Mobile Terminals  
    MX-1000 Gateway

    Well-suited for mobile 1-D and 2-D barcode reading applications at standard range, such as courier and parcel delivery, field service and utilities and manufacturing.

    MX-1502 Gateway

    Reads codes at standard, long and extended ranges, making it ideal for scanning codes on packages, rack labels on high shelves and signs hanging from warehouse ceilings.