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  • Fixed-mount Barcode Readers: DataMan Industrial ID

    Cognex offers industry-leading industrial fixed-mount barcode readers

    Cognex DataMan® fixed-mount barcode readers represent a breakthrough in combining unmatched code performance, ease of use, and an extremely small size. Lighting, camera, processor and communications are all integrated making the DataMan fixed position barcode readers ideal for the most demanding applications.

    DataMan fixed-mount barcode readers offer best-in-class performance with patented Cognex 1-D barcode and 2-D matrix code reading software algorithms, flexible optics, lighting options, easy setup, and quick deployment.

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    DataMan 50 and 60 series  DataMan 300 series  DataMan 100 and 200 series 

    The unprecedented small size of DataMan 50/60 series make it an ideal replacement or addition for applications where single-line or raster laser scanners are used.

    The DataMan 300 series offers the flexibility of integrated and controllable modular lighting and optics paired with 2DMax+ to read Direct Part Mark (DPM) codes no matter the mark type or surface.

    The DataMan 100/200 fixed-mount readers offer the 2DMax+™ algorithm, which identifies and decodes severely damaged or poorly marked 2-D matrix codes, and the 1DMax™ algorithm, which accurately decodes 1-D linear barcodes.