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DataMan 70 Series Compact Barcode Readers

Advanced barcode reading technology in a small form factor

DataMan 70 Series Models and Specifications

DataMan 70 Models70 S70 L70 QL 70 Q 72 S 72 L 72 QL 72 Q
1-D and Stacked Codes  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •
Omnidirectional 1-D barcode reading  •    •  •  •    •  •
Label-based 2-D Codes  •      •  •      •
Algorithms 1DMax HotBars 1DMax
1DMax HotBars
Image Resolution 752 x 480 global shutter 1280 x 960 global shutter
Image Sensor 1/3" CMOS
Acquisition 2 fps 60 fps 2 fps 60 fps
Max Decode Rate 2/second 45/second 2/second 45/second
Aimer 2 green LEDs
Lens Options 6.2mm f 7.0, 3 position lens with standard or long range focus setting or 16mm f 7.0 manual focus lens
Lighting 4 independently controlled red LEDs (6.2mm lens) or 16mm high-power LEDs (16mm lens only)
Discrete I/O USB: N/A
Optional serial accessory cable allows 1IN / 1OUT
Status Output Status LED on reader indicates: Green (good read) or red (no read)
Power 5 VDC–24 VDC or
USB Bus powered, 2.5W
Communication Integrated USB-C (RS-232 with accessory cable)
Material Plastic (polycarbonate)
Dimensions 42.4 mm x 22.2 mm x 35.8 mm
Weight 37 g without cable
Operating Temperature 0 °C–40 °C
Storage Temperature 10 °C–60 °C
Humidity <95%, non-condensing
Protection IP40
ROHS Certified Yes
Approvals (CE, Safety, FCC) Yes
Operating Systems Windows® 7 and 10

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