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DataMan 50/60 Series Compact Barcode Readers

Premium Cognex barcode reading technology in a compact barcode reader

DataMan 50-60 - Codes

DataMan 50/60 Series Software & Barcode Reading Technology

Software is standardized across DataMan products and is designed for ease of use and maximum flexibility.

Featured capabilities include:

  • Market-leading barcode reading technologies for decoding both 1-D and 2-D symbologies
  • Intuitive Setup Tool for the simplest setup and deployment
  • Various trigger modes (self, single, burst, among others) for the broadest application flexibility

Proprietary Cognex software algorithms give the DataMan 50/60 series unmatched barcode reading performance.

  • 1DMax+™ code reading algorithm with the patent-pending Hotbars image-analysis technology provides higher read rates of 1-D linear barcodes, even those with damage, at a faster pace than ever before.
  • IDQuick® for reading 2-D codes of various mark types.

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