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  • Handheld Barcode Scanners: DataMan Industrial Barcode Readers

    Cognex offers the widest range of high performance industrial handheld barcode readers in the industry

    Cognex DataMan® industrial handheld barcode readers provide unmatched performance for Direct Part Marks (DPM) and label-based applications, where integration, ruggedness and the ability to read challenging marks quickly are essential to your success. DataMan industrial handheld readers have field interchangeable communication modules. One reader can be configured to meet specific communication needs.

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    DataMan 8050 Series  DataMan 8000 Series  DataMan 700 Series 

    The DataMan 8050 series of barcode readers are equipped with Cognex’s world-class barcode reading algorithms and designed to withstand harsh factory floor conditions. The best-in-class algorithms decode both label-based codes and Direct Part Marks quickly.

    The DataMan 8000 series of barcode readers offer the industry’s most advanced technology for reading 1-D and 2-D codes including the most challenging Direct Part Marks, regardless of size, quality or printing method.

    The DataMan 700 Series is compact with an ergonomic design, adjustable optics and easily reads well-marked 1-D and 2-D codes on a variety of surfaces. These handheld barcode readers provide adjustable optics which means they are exceptionally versatile and easy to use.