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  • Optical Character Recognition Technology: OCRMax

    OCRMax™ gives In-Sight® and VisionPro® users the power to achieve the highest character read rates while keeping misreads to a minimum.

    OCRMax, a font-trainable OCR and OCV (Optical Character Recognition and Verification) tool, has set industry records for ease of use, read rates and speed in complex images.This powerful algorithm prevents misreads, handles process variations and provides easy font management. It’s fast, easy to set up and simple to use across all platforms with minimal training being required.

    What makes OCRMax different?
    99% accuracy rates of difficult-to-read characters

    OCRMax overcomes all these challenges and more to improve overall read rates from the industry-standard level of 93-95% to 99% and above.

    OCR Challenge:  Character Skew
    Character stroke width variations and skew
    OCR Challenge:  Touching characters with fixed font
    Touching characters with fixed font
    OCR Challenge:  Background noise
    Background noise
    OCR Challenge:  Variable string lengths
    Variable string lengths

    Fast setup with auto-tune functionality

    Auto-tune eliminates the painfully slow and tedious setup of the OCR tool

    Unlike other OCR reading tools, OCRMax technology includes an auto-tune capability. With a few clicks, auto-tune dramatically decreases the time it takes to set up the tool by acquiring a sample image and automatically training fonts and adjusting the tool to its optimal segmentation parameters.

    > Watch this demonstration video on a bottling line