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    Mounting and Traceability

    Cognex vision tools provide the flexibility to handle a wide range of package types, from leaded parts to the newest SoC and MEMS devices, while DataMan® ID tools bring traceability to the back-end assembly process.

    Wire Bonding

    The Cognex Wire Bonder package provides tools for lead and pad location, as well as post-bond inspection.



    Solder Paste Inspection

    PasteInspect software checks solder paste location and shape for closed-loop control of the PCB screen printing process.



    BGA Alignment

    Special vision tools perform high-speed detection of missing or improper solder balls, and help rapidly align devices for placement.

    SMD Placement

    The SMD4® tools guide device placement onto PCBs. Users can easily import CAD data and edit part descriptions.






    Package Identification

    IDMax reads printed, stamped and laser-etched barcodes and 2D codes on PCBs and IC packages.