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  • DataMan Logistics Barcode Reader Success Stories

    Successful applications of Cognex logistics barcode readers

    Cognex is a major driver in the rapid technology shift that is occurring in logistics, with distribution centers moving from laser-based scanner and complex line scan technologies to image-based systems as customers are quickly realizing the tangible benefits Cognex barcode readers offer.

    Cognex logistics barcode readers produce read rates at levels that are higher than previously thought possible, reducing the need to manually handle packages and reducing costs.

    Cognex has installed barcode readers around the world for postal, parcel, and logistics operations.

    A sampling of success stories are highlighted below:

      Purolator, Inc.

    Purolator, Inc., the largest courier service in Canada, replaced their laser-based scanners that were used at weighing stations within Purolator’s sorting and distribution centers, with the DataMan® logistics barcode readers.

    The DataMan barcode reader offered significantly faster read rates than Purolator’s laser-based systems and was able to read labels with more highly degraded codes. With their laser scanners, Purolator’s operators were often required to pass packages under the scanners multiple times before the barcodes could be read. The DataMan has been able to read every label on the first attempt, reducing operator processing time by half, and this has significantly improved both operator satisfaction and overall productivity.

     DataMan Logistics Barcode Reader at Axel-Springer

    Barcodes are used to pack newspapers into bundles to ensure they not only arrive quickly, but also at the right address. For three decades the barcodes were read using a laser scanner with a tilting mirror, but recently this mature technology was replaced by the next generation of barcode readers: Cognex image-based logistics barcode readers, which ensure high precision identification.

    The high performance DataMan made it possible to achieve 100 percent reliability in reading the barcodes after a test phase of just four weeks. And that was for newspaper bundles ranging in height from 0.5 to 10 inches and variations in the position of the code over a range of 15 inches plus.








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