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  • DataMan Fixed-mount Logistics Reader Accessories

    Cognex offers a wide range of optional lighting, optics, and accessories designed specifically for use with the fixed-mount DataMan® logistics barcode readers. 


    Xpand With patent pending Xpand™ technology, the field-of-view for a single DataMan 300 or DataMan 503 can be increased by more than 50%. Xpand technology enables retail distribution, parcel and postal applications to be solved using fewer readers, which simplifies project installation and setup time and reduces overall cost. Xpand is available in 15” width for the DataMan 300 series and 25” width for the DataMan 503 series.

    Variable focus liquid lens 

     Liquid Lens options for DataMan fixed-mount readers Many DataMan fixed-mount readers offer the liquid lens option for applications with variable focus requirements. Liquid lens technology provides greater focal range, extremely fast response time, easy setup, and no moving parts to malfunction or break down with use.

    High-powered illumination accessory (HPIA) 

     DataMan 500 High-powered Illumination Accessory

    Available for the DataMan 300, DataMan 500, and DataMan 503 series, the high-powered illumination accessories provide superior lighting for barcode reading applications.

    I/O Module

     I/OModule IP-rated I/O modules make deploying DataMan barcode readers easy.  Single-camera and multi-camera options available.