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  • Barcode Reading Demonstration Videos for Logistics Applications

    Here are a few short videos that demonstrate the powerful capabilities of the DataMan® image-based barcode reader.

    Presentation scanning  

    Presentation Scanning Application

    Our demonstration video shows the DataMan 500 at a presentation station with no challenge too difficult.   
    Watch the video >  
    Small package sorting and shipping  

    Small Package Sorting Application

    In logistics scanning applications, the barcode reader doesn’t know where the barcode is going to be located on each package so it needs to be fast enough to scan the entire surface of a package as it passes through. Watch the DataMan 500 in action!
    Watch the video >
    Tote ID, Scanning, and Sorting  

    Tote ID, Scanning, and Sorting Application 

    When the DataMan 500 is properly mounted above a conveyor line it’s able to handle 80 degrees of perspective providing reliability for tote tracking even at high speeds.
    Watch the video >