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  • DataMan Logistics Barcode Readers

    Advanced barcode reading for warehouse, distribution and fulfillment centers

    DataMan 300 & DataMan 500

    DataMan logistics barcode readers combine the benefits of image-based readers with the ease-of-use and cost of laser scanners for your postal, parcel and package sorting operations.

    With a full line of products for every application, every DataMan barcode reader has: 

    The highest read rates

    • DataMan readers have the proprietary barcode reading software with Hotbars™ image-analysis technology which enables them to read codes that laser scanners and other readers cannot, including damaged or poorly presented 1-D linear barcodes.
    • Read rates that can meet and surpass 99.9%!
    • DataMan readers can also read 2-D codes, which laser scanners cannot.

    Washed Out
    Washed Out

    Badly Printed
    Badly Printed

    Warped Labels


    Extreme Perspective
    Extreme Perspective


    Performance feedback

    With DataMan readers you can:

    • See what the reader sees,
    • Review images live or later with automatic FTP image transfer, and
    • Easily diagnose no reads for process improvement.

    No moving parts

    Moving parts can wear out and require replacement. The DataMan product line is designed with no moving parts, increasing usable product life and potentially decreasing maintenance costs!

    Cognex Connect communications

    • Cognex Connect™ communications suite supports industrial protocols, including high-speed Ethernet for easy integration into the network
    • Supports RS-232 for integration into legacy systems