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  • Liquid Lens Technology

    The liquid lens module is an electronically controllable variable focus system.

    Cognex was the first company to leverage liquid lens technology within both fixed-mount and handheld industrial barcode readers.

    The liquid lens uses two iso-density liquids, oil as an insulator and water as a conductor. The variation of voltage leads to a change of curvature of the liquid-liquid interface, which in turn leads to a change of the focal length of the installed optical lens.

    The following diagram shows how the liquid lens is constructed:

    Liquid Lens Technology

    Advantages and Availability

    The key advantages of the liquid lens are its ruggedness (no moving parts), fast response times, good optical quality, low power consumption and size.

    The liquid lens can simplify installation, setup and maintenance by eliminating the need to open the reader and manually touch the lens. Relative to other autofocus mechanisms, the liquid lens has extremely fast response times. It is also ideal for applications with reading distances that change from part to part or during part changeover.

    Many DataMan barcode readers take advantage of this technology. The table below outlines the DataMan optics options.


    Installed Lens

    Lens Options

    DataMan 8000 Liquid Lens N/A
    DataMan 500 Choose from options Liquid Lens, C-/CS-Mount
    DataMan 300 Choose from options Liquid Lens, S-Mount, C-Mount
    DataMan 200 Three-position adjustable,
    Liquid Lens, large aperture S-Mount,
    DataMan 100 Three-position adjustable,
    C-Mount adapter, super high density
    S-Mount, large aperture S-Mount