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  • DataMan Fixed-mount Reader Accessories

    To simplify and speed up the system integration process, Cognex offers a wide range of optional lighting, optics and accessories designed specifically for use with the fixed-mount DataMan® barcode readers.


    DataMan 500 High-powered Illumination Accessory

    DataMan 500 Series:
    High-powered Illumination Accessory

    DataMan 300 modular light

    DataMan 300 Series:
    Red Modular Light
    Blue Modular Light for Solar

    DataMan 300 lighting accessories

    DataMan 300 Series:
    Ring Light
    Low Angle Ring Light


    Liquid Lens options for DataMan fixed-mount readers

    Liquid Lens:
    Many DataMan fixed-mount readers offer the liquid lens option for applications with variable focus requirements. Liquid lens technology provides greater focal range, extremely fast response time, easy setup and no moving parts to malfunction or break down with use.

    SHD (Super High Density) Lens

    SHD (Super High Density) Lens:
    16 mm lens kit. Enables any DataMan 100 to read 2mil Data Matrix codes.  The lens is fully adjustable and allows the user to set working distance.

    C-mount Adapter

    C-mount Adapter:
    The ultimate in lens flexibility for most standard C-mount lenses.

    ESD Safe Red Lens Cover

    ESD Safe Red Lens Cover:
    100% safe for use with static sensitive electronic devices and prevents static discharge in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1 and IEC 61340-5-2. The red filter reduces non-red ambient light intensity by 50% and improves reader performance by minimizing the impact of changes in ambient environment.


    Extension Cable

    Extension Cable:
    Five meter extension cable for RS-232 connections.

    Universal Mounting Bracket

    Universal Mounting Bracket:
    Provides adjustable mounting.





    Basic I/O Box  
    Basic I/O Box:
    Provides I/O breakout including two inputs and two outputs.  Supports USB and RS-232 connections.





    Extended I/O Box

    Extended I/O Box:
    Provides I/O breakout including two inputs and eight outputs.  Supports USB and RS-232 connections.