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Retail Distribution Solutions

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As retail order volume and customer demands increase, retail distributors are picking and shipping more and more goods every day. Reliable barcode reading solutions are increasingly critical to help retail operations prevent or correct label and shipping errors, improve efficiency and throughput and cut maintenance costs.

Cognex image-based barcode reading systems offer several advantages over traditional laser scanning systems used by retail distribution centers.

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  • Laser scanners have trouble reading poorly printed or damaged 1-D codes and cannot read 2-D codes. Cognex barcode readers deliver industry-leading 99.9% read rates by successfully reading 1-D and 2-D codes, including codes degraded by damage, orientation, or distortion.
  • Laser scanning systems cannot detect label issues or provide real-time performance data. Cognex image-based systems can collect and grade images for later analysis, giving facility managers the insights to make operational improvements.
  • Unlike laser scanners that have oscillating mirrors or rotating prisms, Cognex barcode readers have no moving parts that can wear out, offering a long product life and little to no maintenance costs.

Some of the world’s top retail manufacturers and distributors use Cognex image-based barcode readers to ensure sorting, picking, packing, and shipping operations meet or exceed performance requirements.

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Download Logistics Solutions Guides
Cognex technology solves a wide range of logistics barcode reading challenges. Download the guides below to learn more about Cognex logistics solutions.

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