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Improve warehousing productivity with image-based barcode readers


Warehousing is the process of receiving and storing goods for hours, days or weeks at time. Some facilities use automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS), while others store items manually on shelves. Pallets or packages coming in may have poorly printed labels, scratched barcodes, labels on one side, multiple sides, or under plastic which can contribute to barcode scanning challenges and costly inefficiencies.

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Cognex image-based barcode readers are optimized with industry-leading algorithms to reliably read damaged 1-D and 2-D codes with variations in:

  • Contrast
  • Resolution
  • Quiet zone violations
  • Perspective distortion
  • Height or size

With a large depth-of-field and wide field-of-view, Cognex barcode readers streamline item processing to save time and resources during the warehousing process.

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