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Pallet Scanning

Scan pallets quickly and accurately


In a distribution center, items are typically received and shipped on pallets. Pallet scanning systems are used to route items to their appropriate locations. Many barcode reading challenges arise for traditional laser scanning systems, such as:

  • A pallet of boxes contains many barcodes, making it difficult to read the right one.
  • Barcodes are printed on or covered by reflective material, such as tape or plastic.
  • Labels can become damaged during transport or upon unloading from the dock.

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Cognex image-based barcode readers scan pallets as easily as boxes, at an affordable cost. With a large depth-of-field and wide field-of-view, Cognex barcode readers capture a pallet label quickly and accurately, even when it is surrounded by other labels. Cognex readers decode even the most damaged, distorted, blurred, or low-contrast label-based barcodes, delivering industry-leading 99.9% read rates.

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Download Logistics Solutions Guides
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