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Automated Bag Tag Reading

Achieve industry-leading luggage tag read rates


Luggage tags are scanned and read numerous times as they travel through the airport and transfer between planes. To ensure luggage arrives at its final destination, airport baggage handling systems must overcome several challenges, including varying bag orientations or heights and tag degradation due to manual handling and weather conditions.

As tags get damaged and wrinkled during handling, traditional laser scanning systems may not be able to read the bag tag number, resulting in diversion for manual processing.

Cognex Airport Baggage Handling technology uses powerful image-based barcode readers to read codes that are difficult for laser scanners to decode. Image-based readers deliver the highest read rates, even at critical junctions such as transfer lines to speed up luggage processing times and improve system efficiency.

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Cognex technology offers:

  • Industry-leading read rates on outbound, inbound, and transfer lines
  • A color image of every bag processed to improve traceability and security
  • No maintenance, as opposed to laser scanners with moving parts that can wear out and fail
  • Wider belt coverage with Xpand™ technology increases the field-of-view of a single reader by 50%, simplifying setup and overall cost

Download: Airport Baggage Handling Datasheet

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