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Airport Baggage Handling Solutions

Improve the speed and reliability of your operations


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts a 50% growth in air travel in the next 20 years. Efficient and accurate baggage processing and tracking will become even more critical to the operational success of airlines and airports.

Bags travel long distances through airports and between planes. Even with the best bag hygiene, tags naturally suffer increasing damage and degradation. Failure to read a tag sends that bag through a manual encode process, requiring additional time, manpower and conveying equipment, which can result in lost luggage. Lost luggage can delay flight readiness, pose a security risk, and cause customer dissatisfaction.

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Cognex’s Airport Baggage Handling solutions improve the speed and accuracy of luggage processing. Regardless of the position or orientation of the bag on the belt, Cognex image-based barcode readers can locate, read and decode any barcode. Fewer unread codes means fewer bags miss their flights, which increases total baggage handling system efficiency, reduces manual encode operations and improves customer satisfaction.

Some of the top airports in the world use Cognex technology to:

  • Achieve high read rates, regardless of barcode quality or orientation
  • Cover more of the belt with fewer readers
  • Capture a full-color photo of each processed bag to visually analyze the cause of unread codes and improve tracking
    and security
  • Perform with an average 267,000 hour (or 30 year) reader mean time between failures (MTBF) rate

Download: Airport Baggage Handling Datasheet

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