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Test Tube Presence Check

Medical machine vision helps improve efficiency and increase throughput


In-vitro diagnostics (IVD) laboratories with highly automated robotic systems encounter frequent failures resulting in misaligned or absent test tubes or caps. These automated systems need to integrate an error-proof tool that not only can confirm the presence of a test tube or cap with machine vision but also can detect misalignments and other system failures.

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Flexibility during the design phase

Diagnostic devices rely on the same automation principles as traditional factory automation solutions. Diagnostic device developers require reliable and repeatable machine vision tools to ensure accurate results 100% of the time. To improve accuracy and throughput, developers and laboratory technicians rely on powerful yet easy-to-use tools for rapid feasibility studies, dependable platforms for testing ideas and control over the data output.

Medical machine vision improves reliability and throughput

By providing robust machine vision tools to identify the presence of test tubes and detect system malfunctions, Cognex machine vision systems help IVD laboratories achieve quality goals. Medical machine vision systems also help laboratories avoid gripper crashes and speed the processing and throughput of patient test tube samples.

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