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Robot Arm Alignment

Precisely locate fixtures to align robotic arms


In-vitro diagnostic (IVD) systems use robotic arms to perform an ever increasing number of tasks. As sample sizes get smaller, precision robotic arm guidance is required to avoid malfunction.

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Increase robustness of your automated IVD workflow

Misaligned robotic arms and grippers is a major cause of automated workflow malfunction. Slight miscalculations can cause robotic arms to pick the wrong sample tube or damage the vessel. These situations require human intervention to properly process the sample and troubleshoot the problem, reducing throughput and increasing costs. As the need for IVD increases, robust and accurate automation workflows are required to efficiently process the growing number of samples.

State-of-the-art robotic guidance for your laboratory

For many years, Cognex PatMax® technology has been used for robotic alignment to find patterns and return location data to a robotic arm that calibrates the system and/or ensures proper alignment. The small, yet robust In-Sight vision systems that run this advanced technology are easy to integrate directly onto the robotic arm and locate and orient objects with speed and precision.

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Compact, flexible and cost effective vision system.