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In-Vitro Diagnostics Lab Automation

Image-based barcode readers and vision systems help solve lab automation challenges


As healthcare needs grow, the number of diagnostics samples to test is growing fast. Clinical diagnostic labs are looking to factory automation to help solve automation challenges and increase throughput, improve quality, and solve challenging problems quickly. Cognex has both off-the-shelf products to solve barcode reading and vision needs and OEM products that can be designed  directly into products.

Cognex makes it possible for customers to build custom solution using robust and reliable vision tools. Cognex helps the Life Science industry greatly reduce time to market because vision systems are easy to setup and operate at the highest efficiency levels. Since it is possible to use off-the-shelf vision tools to solve custom tasks, it is easy to document inspection and code reading results.

Cognex vision systems are easy to configure to provide the necessary results with highest reliabilities and lowest demand on additional infrastructures such as CPU units or embedded PCs etc.

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