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Transmission Control Module Inspection

Vision system inspects 10 different features, improves customer satisfaction


Exceptional product quality is required to satisfy purchasers of electrohydraulic automatic transmission control modules, which are complex parts with multiple features. Inspecting all of these features manually is a lengthy process and provides no assurance that all defective features will be identified. The delivery of defective products to customers may result in warranty claims and damage to the manufacturer’s reputation.

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Control Module Inspection

These challenges are overcome by using a Cognex® In-Sight® vision system to perform transmission control module inspection. In a typical application, the vision system is mounted on a robot that moves the vision system to 10 different positions to perform various inspection operations. The PLC and robot communicate with the Cognex vision system to complete these operations. The PLC sends a command to move the robot arm into position for the first inspection. Once the robot reaches the appropriate position, the PLC sends a signal to the vision system to capture an image and the vision system sends back a response to indicate the inspection has been completed. Next, the PLC sends a command to move the robot into position for the next inspection.

Traceability ensures the correct product is inspected. 2-D codes are placed on the part and are read with a DataMan image-based barcode reader. The In-Sight vision system confirms the presence and position of bolts, gauges contact pins on connectors and verifies the presence of adhesive tape. When the product is completely inspected, the vision system sends the detection results with defect pictures to a production management software system. Products that do not conform to the company’s standards are automatically removed from the line. In-Sight vision system inspection ensures the quality of automatic transmission control modules, eliminating returns and improving customer satisfaction.

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