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Tire and Wheel Identification

Robust alphanumeric code reading and tread identification throughout the tire production cycle


Tire manufacturers require robust code reading throughout a tire's production process. Tire identification verifies that each tire has successfully completed each manufacturing stage and complies with rigorous quality and industry standards. Low read rates during this stage decrease throughput, increase costly tire rework and may result in recalls that can damage company reputation

Cognex tire solutions achieve industry-leading read rates, even on the most challenging barcodes, to read codes on tires regardless of orientation and line speed. Cognex DataMan barcode readers have no moving parts, providing a lower cost of ownership than laser readers. Additionally, Cognex readers provide visual feedback for troubleshooting and are integrated with factory networks using standard communication protocols.

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Vehicle assembly plants require that the correct tires be mounted to the correct wheels before being mounted on the vehicle. Incorrect wheel assembly causes rework and slows down throughput. Tires may be identified by tread pattern, label or stripe color, or reading codes molded into the tire side walls. Positional variation of tires and wheels on the conveyor adds to the challenge of identifying the correct assemblies.

Identification of a tire using its tread is critical to ensure that the correct tire is matched to the correct wheel before it is assembled to the vehicle. Cognex patented PatMax® geometric pattern matching tools learn the tire tread pattern and have the flexibility to adapt to the positional variation of tires on the conveyor.


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