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Powertrain Systems

Reduce recalls, improve traceability and verify final assembly


The Cognex vision systems confirms the presence of critical powertrain components such as clutch packs, carriers, constant velocity joints, valve bodies, pistons, seals and snap rings. The system also sends the inspection result with images for archiving to the plants IT system to help minimize recalls. Powerful patented vision tools, configured without the need for programming, ensure that the correct parts have been used, and that they meet rigorous tolerance requirements.

Powertrain manufacturers use Cognex vision software and hardware to determine the 3D orientation of engine block serial numbers to help achieve a very fast error-free visual confirmation for traceability.

Cognex vision systems accurately locates the position of glue beads on powertrain part surfaces and measures their widths to detects gaps. Automating the inspection of glue bead seal integrity prevents oil and coolant leaks and can eliminate costly engine recalls.


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