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  • Industrial-Grade Fixed-Mount ID Reader and Verifier

    Cognex In-Sight® fixed-mount ID readers provide unmatched code reading performance. These readers integrate lighting, camera, ID software, processor and communications into an industrial-grade design... making them the most versatile and rugged fixed-mount readers available today.

    In-Sight ID readers incorporate Cognex IDMax® Data Matrix code reading software, based on the industry-leading PatMax® technology from Cognex, to provide the most robust and reliable decoding under all conditions. IDMax handles a wide range of degradations to the appearance of the code, no matter what the cause, allowing In-Sight readers to deliver the industry's most reliable reading.

    DataMan 100 IdMax Examples

    The high-speed digital acquisition system, DSP architecture, and optimized reading algorithms, assure continuously high read rates in direct part mark and label-based identification applications on the fastest production lines