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  • DataMan 50/60 seres Compact Barcode Reader    

    New high-performance, low-cost barcode readers

    The DataMan 50/60 series are high-performance, low-cost barcode readers for applications typically handled by single-line or raster laser scanners. The new DataMan readers feature a compact form factor as well as the same powerful, proprietary barcode reading technology, visualization for performance feedback, and solid state design found on Cognex premium readers.
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  • DataMan 503 Logistics Barcode Reader    

    New Advanced DataMan 503 for Logistics Applications

    With the highest read rates in the industry, performance feedback, and no moving parts, the advanced DataMan® 503 is suited for most challenging barcode reading applications and will change the industry’s perception of what can be accomplished with a barcode reader.
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  • Xpand Technology for DataMan    

    New Xpand Technology Enables Logistics Operations to Read More Barcodes with Fewer Readers

    Innovative new field-of-view expansion technology for its DataMan® 300 series of image-based barcode readers called Xpand™. Xpand technology enables retail distribution, parcel and postal applications to be solved using fewer readers, which simplifies project installation and setup time and reduces overall cost.device.
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