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  • In-Sight Explorer

    Power, flexibility and ease-of-use allows you to program solutions for your own vision applications

    Low Cost of Ownership and Fast Deployment
    The In-Sight® Explorer spreadsheet view provides a robust, flexible and efficient way to configure the vision tools and handle the data created from a vision application. Drag and drop vision tools and graphics palette along with menu-driven tool property sheets makes job configuration simpler. The In-Sight spreadsheet includes specialized functions, options and operations that allow you to solve complex applications without ever writing a line of code.

    There are easy ways to depict the dependency of the tools with each other. In addition, the powerful CustomView option allows you to expose the most process critical parameters to the operators who may modify them on the floor. This makes operator interaction very easy. The same CustomView can be deployed on the VisionView® operator interface panel.

    Ease-of-use is built into the heart of In-Sight vision systems starting with easy to use but powerful vision tools. An Excel®-like format for the spreadsheet view makes the user experience very simple. The In-Sight Explorer software also includes an EasyBuilder® environment.. The EasyBuilder software interface offers everything required to easily set up reliable applications. With no programming needed, applications are deployed quickly. This includes automatic extraction of features, setting smart parameters and limits.

    Round Tripping
    One can use the ease of EasyBuilder and power of the spreadsheet with the flexibility of round tripping back and forth.

    In-Sight Explorer and EasyBuilder Round Tripping

    Through Cognex Connect™, In-Sight offers the most comprehensive and easiest to use connectivity suite of communications capabilities to interface to PLCs, robots, the factory network, and HMI devices