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    Cognex Corporate Giving Guidelines

    Cognex Corporation is committed to supporting a variety of community organizations through its annual donations program. 

    Cognex makes donations to organizations and programs based in Natick, Massachusetts; Alameda, California; Portland, Oregon; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin—cities where Cognex maintains its world headquarters and North American regional offices.  Cognex also contributes to community organizations in Tokyo, Japan and Cork, Ireland. 

    Contributions made under Cognex’s corporate donations program reflect the company’s philosophy of working hard, playing hard, and staying healthy.  For example, in the “Work Hard” category, Cognex has given grants that promote education (primarily math and science), such as helping a local elementary school to build computer networks, and purchasing new equipment for a middle school science laboratory.  In the “Play Hard” category, the company has sponsored community events that promote fun and celebration, such as a children’s Halloween party and parade, a concert on the town common for residents, and an after-the-prom party for high school students.  Donations in the “Stay Healthy” category primarily support organizations that offer assistance to the blind and vision-impaired (in recognition of the fact that Cognex manufactures vision systems and sensors) and to projects that help cities and towns purchase lifesaving equipment for their communities.

    Decisions about the company’s charitable gifts are made once a year. To be considered for a Cognex grant, please send a brief letter describing your organization’s goals and the specific project that the Cognex grant would support by September 15. All submissions are carefully evaluated, and grants are awarded in December. Please send your requests to: Corporate Donations, c/o Corporate Communications Department, Cognex Corporation, One Vision Drive, Natick, MA 01760. If you have any questions about Cognex’s corporate giving program, please call (508) 650-3384.

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