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  • Food Traceability, Brand Protection, Code Quality, and Compliance

    Improve food safety and reduce liability exposure

    Solving Food & Beverage Manufacturing Challenges  

    Existing and pending food traceability legislation in many global regions require that facilities have systems in place to provide a trail of information that follows each food item through the supply chain.

    To ensure food safety and efficient recalls, manufacturers must be able to identify and locate any item in the food supply chain and quickly trace back its source “one step”, and trace forward to its destination “one step.”

    To achieve this, many companies are implementing 2-D barcodes, vision systems, and image-based ID readers as key components in a simple yet robust one up/one back database process for traceability.

    Data Matrix has been adopted as standard in many applications. It allows the storage of more information such as manufacturer, product ID, lot number, expiry, and even a unique serial number on virtually any finished good.

    Brand Protection

    Serial number aggregation for supply chain security and product authentication at the point of sale can help prevent counterfeiting, diversion and sale of product through unauthorized channels.

    These applications generally seek item-level serialization on every package and Data Matrix has been adopted as standard.

    Code Quality and Package Compliance

    As you prepare for compliance with global barcoding requirements, it’s important to keep in mind that compliance requires much more than simply reading a code on a label or package.

    To support traceability, it is first essential to verify code quality and validate that all of the encoded data is accurate and correctly formatted.

    Cognex verifiers and vision systems can be used to grade code quality and create a complete identification and data verification solution for food and beverage labels and packages.