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Cost Savings Advisor

This cost savings advisor is designed to help you evaluate the cost saving that you will achieve by implementing Cognex vision on your production lines. It will only take a few minutes of your time, but they will be minutes very well spent.

Please note: This tool is for your private use only.  This information is confidential, and is not accessible by anyone other than yourself.

Please answer all the questions in this section:
1. How many parts per minute/hour are manufactured on each production line?   parts per
2. How many hours per working day are your production lines running for?  
3. How many working days per week are your production lines running for?  
4. How many weeks per year are your production lines running for?  
5. How many production lines where you would like to implement Cognex vision?   lines

What type of application are you considering using Cognex vision for? (select from these 3 options)