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The Application of Cognex In-Sight 5403 in Electronics Manufacturing

The Application of Cognex In-Sight 5403 in Electronics Manufacturing

Nantong Fujitsu-Electronics is a Chinese-Japanese joint enterprise, based in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, China. They specialize in integrated circuit (IC) packages and testing. Because the IC process manufacturing is extremely precise, there are very stringent requirements on IC products. Not only is total accuracy required for product inspection, it is also necessary to provide a database record of the inspections performed. Historically, inspection functionalities for IC products have not been very robust. Nantong Fujitsu-Electronics needed a new vision system to ensure product quality and increase their market competitiveness. They upgraded their production line inspection equipment, with an In-Sight® 5403 vision system.

The challenge of this project was that Nantong Fujitsu-Electronics wanted an automated vision inspection system product which could provide many kinds of high-speed recognition and carry out image recognition inspection. The system needed to be able to take a number of photographs of the components at the starting part of the IC package production line so they could be used to inspect pin dimensions and determine whether pin location is correct. If a component fails the inspection, it is possible to immediately deal with the rejected products.

At the same time, the system needed to be able to collect and gather 2-D code data and confirm whether it is correct without requiring long, complex adjustments.  The system needed to operate with an existing product quality management system, provide immediate notification of errors, determine the number of failed units and ratios to passed units and deliver remote messaging of this information to the monitoring center. Since the product line is highly automated, and it is necessary to complete the installation of the testing in a very short time; the performance also needed to be stable, and allow 24x7 operation.

After site testing, Nantong Fujitsu-Electronics selected the In-Sight vision system because it provided them with a diverse toolkit of inspection functionalities using sophisticated but easy-to-understand software applications that collected product data and shared it with the existing production line system effectively.

The In-Sight 5403 vision system provided the following benefits to Nantong Fujitsu-Electronics:

  1. Made it possibles for Nantong Fujitsu-Electronics to concurrently identify pictures and text, saving inspection equipment and time. The IC product guarantee period is long, and it is possible to rapidly repair and return equipment.
  2. Carried out inspections and processed and collected data. The In-Sight systemalso analyzed and reported remote communications, and simultaneously transmitted the data to the production line database
  3. Provided convenient system installation and easy, simple adjustments. Even after Nantong Fujitsu-Electronics makes changes on the production line, it is simple to set up the equipment again, allowing continued use with an absolute minimum of down time. The parts are simple and convenient and technical staff is not required to make adjustments on-site. It is only necessary to download the setup files, and they immediately come in effect.
  4. Provided exceptional system performancel, with rare outages. There have basically been no breakages, and this has resulted in very little downtime on the production line.
  5. Offered a simple and clear system interface with that is easy to operate.  This drastically reduced the time needed for training, and mitigated the possibility of incorrect operations.



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