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A single barcode reader improves maintenance and process efficiency in automotive manufacturing

A single barcode reader improves maintenance and process efficiency in automotive manufacturing

Hyundai PowerTech is the primary producer of transmissions for all Hyundai and Kia car models in Korea. Historically the manufacturer used barcode readers from multiple companies in each of their factories, this led to maintenance issues, efficiency reductions and inconsistent read rates. Hyundai Power Tech was also challenged with improving the DPM 2-D barcode read rate in strict reading conditions on the newly expanded RWD eight-speed automatic transmission line.

Hyundai evaluated the various barcode reading options to meet their conditions and chose the DataMan® barcode reader from Cognex due to its high stability and 100% read rates. Subsequently, Hyundai PowerTech was so satisfied with the performance of the DataMan readers in the Seosan, Korea plant; they can also be found on assembly lines in Georgia, USA and Qingdao, China.

Fast process management and improvement of efficiency

Following the deployment of the DataMan barcode reader, Hyundai PowerTech achieved faster production and process management. A new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) was also deployed to support more seamless communication in factories along with faster data collection processes. Hyundai PowerTech uses MES provided data to track down product history and control production management and defect management in an integrated manner. These goals could not have been achieved without the exceptional read reads of the DataMan barcode reader.

The DataMan barcode reader supports Ethernet and it can be directly integrated with a network through a hub without distance constraints. DataMan can communicate with MES without a PC just like a network device.

Small code reading in eight-speed transmission

Hyundai PowerTech was able to meet the strict read conditions of an RWD eight-speed automatic transmission line with the DataMan barcode reader. As eight-speed transmission parts become smaller and more complicated, the laser-marked 2-D DPM  Data Matrix code needs to be very small (5x5mm). Additionally, because Hyundai PowerTech manufactures different transmission models, related parts vary in shape and 2-D mark locations are inconsistent. Hyundai PowerTech has solved these problems with a high-resolution In-Sight® barcode model, a DataMan barcode reader and VisionPro® IDMax® tool libraries.

With high resolution (two megapixels) and powerful algorithms, the In-Sight reader can consistently decode very small 2-D codes despite their condition, viewing angle, surface material or code location on the transmission parts. Additionally, the In-Sight reader has become so reliable, it is now also used to read barcodes on housing components and other transmission types within the plant.


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